Monday, January 17, 2005

Ok...for those of you who're gonna ask me anyway, this is what happened Friday night.

My roommate, Adam, and I decided to go downtown like every Friday night. And, like every Friday night, he decided to piss me off by demanding to go to the gym before drinking and eating wings. It provides no benefit, but if it makes him feel better so whatever. I'm not going to argue with someone who's like 8" taller than I am and giggles like a little girl.

After getting out of the gym around 7 or so, I took a shower, and Adam, we'll call him Donnie so no one gets confused...Donnie parked his car on Adams St, I hit up the ATM like normal, and we hit up RJ's. Just like the last 3 Fridays in a row, we got the same waitress who last week said that it's funny how she'll serve people and see them out 5 hours later...tanked...and is always saying how she started their night off. Little did anyone know that Donnie and I would become one of her drunken statistics.

2 pitchers of Labatt and a Red Bull & Vodka later, we got our bill. Donnie and I each threw in $20 on a $26 bill because the people we go downtown with normally don't tip so hot and it's rude when you're a waitress and have to deal with drunks all night to not give them extra. It's no big deal to not tip well...everyone has their quirks...she was having a bad day though and I normally spend $20 when I go downtown.

While drinking, I made a joke that we weren't going to the Tiki bar and then I was said I wasn't going riding the next day because my binding was broken and that if I woke up at 3 pm the next day...that'd be fine. I wish I hadn't said that because that's pretty much what happened.

Donnie and I ended up going to the Tiki bar and got a Scorpion bowl and a Volcano. For anyone who doesn't know what that is...to make it short...it's about $34 worth of drinks. On top of that, the waitress from RJ's showed up and we ended up buying her a drink...while loaded I might add. In addition, I saw my old neighbor who almost got busted for growing in his basement. He was cool and I think he knew I was on my way to time traveling; that or I just imagined him and I was talking to a plant...again.

Out of my idiocy, which I finally discovered I had done on Sunday, I paid for all the drinks at the Tiki bar. $46 so it wasn't so bad and I don't think I tipped the guy...my garbage excuse was that he's just a bartender and he creeps my friend Karri out...so F him in the ear.

Total amount spend at bars at this point: $68...note to self, NEVER offer to buy the drinks because your roommate is your intern. That's bullshit.

Then, we ended up at Red Square...the largest pain in the ass place I've ever been to. Most people there are cool, but the douchebags always stick out. It makes me think the place as a bunch of confused white kids who think they're rappers, but are really just spoiled brats with little future...unless coke snorting becomes a professional sport. No offense intended to anyonewho goes there...RJ's isn't exactly the greatest either.

While there, I saw Haddad, got a drink with him, talked to him for a while...yada yada yada. I'll be honest, after that, I was pretty loaded and needed to go home. I'm gonna be an ass, and just blame the rest of the nights problems on Donnie.

As it turns out, the bouncer in the back figured either he or I, probably both, were too drunk. We weren't causing a problem, but Donnie got pissed because the bouncer in the back was one of his friends from the gym and he was being an asshole to him. Whatever his problem, I had to pay my tab...or so I thought. I didn't have a tab at either bar. It turns out I thought I was running a tab there, when I had run one at the Tiki bar.

Now for the fun, really messed up part. Donnie left the bar before I did and was waiting for me outside. He said he waited about 10 minutes for me...I don't know what his time perspective is like when he's in another state, but mine's not so good.

So I calmly walked out and made it about 2 buildings down Church St only to be bear hugged from behind and carried back to the bar. I had no idea what was going on and since I've had friends who've been beaten up not only in the student ghetto, but also on Church St I started to get really pissed and start struggling and swinging. This was only because when I asked what the hell was going on and who they were, they didn't answer.

Donnie went running off into the wilderness somewhere and I ended up having to talk to the 3 meathead bouncers at the bar. Keep in mind, they entire bar is liable for assault at this point. I had zero clue what was going on and they let me go later on. I thought I was going to be arrested the way they were running a fuss.

I then called Donnie, somehow beat him home, and he explained what the hell happened. As it turns out, dipshit was pissed he got kicked out and threw a tiny piece of ice at the window. Then he walked back to me and the bouncers started to run at us. Of course because I'm the smaller one, I must the be the asshole so I get picked up. Donnie ran his ass down the street and out of there. So, yeah, I could've been arrested for absolutely no reason.

By the way, I spent $86 at the bars that night and am not going out for a very long ass time. Donnie ran because he figured it was better if I really had no idea what was going on. Ya know, that's great and all because no cops came...and, in fact, I have a feeling one of them did come up and try to sort everything out for some strange reason. There's always a cop parked 4 shops down from Red Square. If someone got my ass off the hook that was standing and waiting in line...thanks whoever you are. I owe you a drink.

Donnie told me the next day he was glad I didn't go to jail. Gee...I wonder who's more glad I didn't go to jail...he or I. Had I ended up in detox and left the next day with a court case and a new boyfriend, I would've had his balls in a salad shooter.

I'll add more as the story comes to light. So you all know, I ended up staying in bed till about 5 30 pm the next day and felt like shit all weekend.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone knows if there's some strange warrant out for my arrest...let me know.

The following is the beginning of a document on how to get the Linksys WPC54G wireless card to work with FreeBSD 5.3 using NDIS. A lot of this documentation was taken from the FreeBSD Handbook on Wireless Networking. I advise that you check it out as the first place to go should you have any problems following these directions.

The following directions worked on a FreeBSD 5.3 install using a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop. I will do my best to post the uname -a stats when I get home later on today.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to put insert your WPC54G card and turn on your machine. Watch for a cardbus message during boot or after booting, login and try the following:

dmesg | grep cardbus

You may be looking for something else, however, the WPC54G is a cardbus and you should see an output of cardbus0, etc. but a message that says the device couldn't be loaded because there's no driver for it. This at least lets you know your machine knows of the card which is the first thing to check if something goes wrong.

For the next step, you'll need the kernel sources, the Windows XP driver binary and the Win XP driver configuration file. To obtain the last two, you'll want to head on over to Linksys and download these drivers. At the time of the writing, the current driver utility version is v2.02. To obrain the kernel sources if you don't already have them, you'll need to run cvsup. However, I'm not going to go into that here. Go on google and search the FreeBSD handbook on how to properly install and configure cvsup.

Executing the next two commands as root will allow you to compile and install the ndis kernel module.

cd /usr/sys/src/modules/ndis
make && make install

The next thing to do is build and install the if_ndis kernel module. This requires the Win XP drivers from Linksys. After unzipping the driver folder, you'll want to perform the following commands:

cd /usr/sys/src/modules/if_ndis
cp /path/to/winxpdriver/winxp.inf ./
cp /path/to/winxpdriver/winxp.sys ./

The last two commands copy the corresponding .inf and .sys files to the if_ndis directory. So far, I've had success using LSTINDS.INF and tnet1130x.sys files. You'll next want to use the ndiscvt utility to compile the driver like the following:

ndiscvt -i W32DRIVER.INF -s W32DRIVER.SYS -o ndis_driver_data.h

Per a requirement by if_ndis, you must use ndis_driver_data.h for your output file. Some people will notice the -f option for a firmware file. You do not need to run this option as these drivers can't be loaded at boot time as I'll explain later (or so I haven't completely explored the options quite yet). You do, however, have to copy the firmware file, FwRad16.bin, from the location you unzipped the Linksys drivers to to /sys/ndis. NOTE: /sys/ndis is not the correct path, however, it is something similar. To figure out what the correct path is, execute the two commands to load the ndis kernel modules. An output error will occur complaining that FwRad16.bin cannot be found and should be placed in a certain directory. That directory is where you want to copy the .bin file to. Of course, you'll have to unload the if_ndis module, first. Later today I will post the correct path.

After copying the firmware file to the correct path, execute the following two commands as root to load the kernel modules.

kldload ndis
kldload if_ndis

The "kldload if_ndis" should cause a message stating whether or not your card loaded properly. I get an initial error when loading the card, however, it gives the identification of the card and the wireless connection speeds I have (all 802.11b and g speeds). I assume that this is correct as of now and I claim the card loaded properly because the card simply works.

From this point on, execution of ifconfig shows ndis0 as my wireless connection. For me to get my card to then work with my connection, I execute a command as root similar to the following:

ifconfig ndis0 net netmask ssid ID_NAME wepmode on wepkey 0xWHATEVERMYKEYIS

Sometimes you'll need to add the broadcast command into that previous line if you don't have a routing table entry. Otherwise, if you're using dhcp and executing ifconfig shows that you did successfully connect to the access point, simply execute the following:

dhclient ndis0

That will bring up the fully loading information from your dhcp server and you'll have your broadcast entry in your routing table and you should be ready to go.

Why you can't load the card directly at boot time. It'd be nice if you could edit /boot/loader.conf to have NDIS_ENABLE="YES" and IF_NDIS_ENABLE="YES" and have it work. However, if you reboot and read your dmesg, you'll notice it won't find FwRad16.bin. This is because no file systems are mounted at the time and FwRad16.bin can't be found. I'm going to write a script at some point to get this working without a hitch.

NOTE: I haven't gotten this card to work with Kismet or any other wireless sniffers quite yet. I'm relatively new to wireless under FreeBSD and am posting this to help others get their cards working. In addition, I've noticed that sometimes the WPC54Gv2 will give out and lose its connection. You'll first notice this when your internet just stops working. I've only been able to cause this when doing a ports install. The way to verify that you've lost connection is to look at the WPC54G's link light. If its blinking in a rhythmic, consistent pattern, you've lost connection.

More to come as I've spent enough time typing this out

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